GREATsoils Project


GREATsoils Project

16/10/2015 to 30/10/2015
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End Time: 
Various Locations

We are organising grower consultation events on four different sites across the UK. Together with practitioners and experienced growers like you we will critically review and evaluate existing methods and approaches for assessing, benchmarking and improving soil health. We aim to determine the usefulness, efficiency and applicability of the methods and approaches during this consultation. The events are organised at four different locations, attempting to represent the main types of soil-based horticultural production systems and soil types of these particular regions.

During the consultation workshops, we will select 6 sites/farms for field trials and method comparisons of soil assessment tools during the following 2 years (2016/2017); as well as holding field days for other interested growers and advisors in the region to demonstrate the different tools and methods and gain feedback on their practical use.

We are able to make a small payment to participants to recognise their considerable investment of time and input to the consultation event (£120 pp. to compensate for travel expenses and time). Each event/location is limited to 12 participants, so please make sure to book your place early! The content and aim of the four events is the same; so you can choose a location most suitable or interesting for you:


Valefresco, Stratford Road, Hampton Lucy

16 October 2015




Kettle Produce, Fife

28 October 2015


East Malling Research, New Road, East Malling

30 October 2015

To book your place, please contact Anja Vieweger at the Organic Research Centre:

Email: anja.v@organicresearchcentre.com  or phone:  01488 658 298  ext. 552



9.30                Arrival, tea/coffee

10.00              Welcome and introduction

10.15              Background of GREATsoils and aims of the consultation

10.30              Round in the group to explain what each grower is currently doing to assess their soils. What are the commonly used practices and methods?

Presentation of the variety of available tools and methods for soil assessment in horticultural systems and agriculture in general.

Presentation of pre-survey results

12.00              Field walk and demonstration of the local soil assessment practices on the site, comparison of other practical methods (e.g. spade diagnosis, visual evaluation tools, etc.)

13.00              Lunch

14.00              Discussion and rating of the presented tools regarding their usefulness, applicability, efficiency, affordability, practicality, sector relevance etc.

Identification of needs for adaptation (gaps and challenges of currently used tools), or need for the development of new tools or methods

15.00              Planning of field trials/case studies 2016/2017: Identification of most interesting and useful tools to test on one farm, and selection of farm and trial host

15.30              Final feedback, future outlook, coming events and closure approx. 16.00