'Keep it Clean' Workshops


'Keep it Clean' Workshops

14/01/2016 to 28/01/2016
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Various Locations CV8 2TL

AHDB Horticulture will be hosting three, regional ‘Keep It Clean’ workshops whose aims are to equip growers of edible produce with the knowledge and skills to risk-assess waters destined for use in primary production, enabling them to take corrective action where necessary to reduce the risk of microbial contamination on edible fresh produce.
The programme for the workshops has been designed with growers in mind; it was drafted in consultation with grower association technical committees, so it is our hope that the workshops will improve participants’ skills in undertaking microbial risk assessments and improve confidence in decision making, to keep fresh produce clean. The team of experts presenting are Jim Monaghan (Harper Adams University), Mike Hutchison (Hutchison Scientific), Anton Alldrick (Campden BRI), Nicola Holden & Lisa Avery (James Hutton Institute), Tim Pettitt (University of Worcester) and Ana Allende  (CEBAS-CSIC, Spain).

Morning presentations include 'Microbes of most concern’ and 'Factors affecting microbial load levels in surface waters'. The afternoon interactive sessions will be on 'Water analysis' and 'Trending & interpreting trending patterns’.

To view the full detailed programme, click here.
Click here to view video presentations of Ana Allende, CEBAS-CSIC