Cross Sector

Cross Sector

Cross Sector

AHDB Horticulture develops programmes of cross-panel and cross-sector research to ensure that common issues, challenges and opportunities are addressed in a strategic and coordinated fashion.

This approach enables AHDB Horticulture to develop bigger, more inclusive research projects whilst still delivering the results directly to the grower.

You can find the full version of AHDB Horticulture’s research and development strategy here here and the concise version of the strategy here.


Access research relating to the area of genetics which includes, for example, varietal screening .


Find out more about researach relating to inputs, including water, nutrients, energy (heat and light) and labour.

Crop protection

This section brings together all research and development relating to crop protection.


Take a look at all our work relating to various aspects of post-harvest, including the efficient use of resources and minimisation and reuse of waste