AHDB Horticulture Partnerships

AHDB Horticulture Partnerships

AHDB Horticulture develops partnerships to address real issues

The development of partnerships has real impact on genuine issues such as crop protection, agronomy, growing media and labour.  AHDB Horticulture will continue to develop innovative partnerships and projects by working closely with relevant overseas organisations, other UK research funders, grower associations and the wider stakeholder community. In doing so, we aim foster the competitiveness and sustainability of UK horticulture in order to maintain or enhance its position in an increasingly global horticultural industry.

 Current partnerships:  

  • Working with Astredhor in France to exchange information on ornamentals research (AHDB Horticulture - formally HDC, and Astredhor signed a cooperation agreement in 2009).
  • Working with Teagasc in the Republic of Ireland to add value to research projects of mutual interest (AHDB Horticulture - formally HDC, and Teagasc signed a cooperation agreement in 2011).
  • Working with the East Malling Trust and the Horticultural Trades Association to fund a Fellowship scheme to ensure some continuity of skills in key applied research establishments.
  • Working with the Royal Horticultural Society to develop a Fellowship on soil, growing media and crop nutrition in ornamentals production.
  • Taking part in European Union-funded research projects as an ‘SME Association’ (e.g. ‘Mush TV’, an international project on mushroom disease management).
  • Working as part of the ‘Horticulture Round Table’ convened by the Government Chief Scientist (Sir John Beddington) in 2009 to identify what issues the horticulture industry needs to address to move forward over the next 20 years.
  • Working with Syngenta Crop Protection to ensure that crop pest and disease forecasting models are made available to the industry

Why is collaboration key?