Apply for Panel Funding

Apply for Panel Funding

Applying for Crop Sector Panel Funding


Where we are not calling for specific pieces or programmes of work, we will consider concepts and proposals that address our industry priorities as laid out by our crop sector panels. 

Prior to submission, prospective applicants should refer to our Guidance Notes for Funding, which summarise the panel comissioning process; provide support on how to complete the application form; and detail the instructions for submission. Applicants are further advised to discuss their concept or proposal with the relevant Research or Knowledge Exchange Manager to determine the potential interest and relevance to current industry priorities.

Requests for funding* from AHDB Horticulture's crop sector panels should use the standard application form below and must be submitted to research@ahdb.org.uk and in accordance with the deadlines below. 

For details on how we use and look after your personal information please read our Privacy Notice at https://ahdb.org.uk/PrivacyNotice.aspx






Submissions for:

  • Specific calls for Tenders
  • Studentship projects 
  • the Undergraduate Bursary Scheme
  • and the Horticultural Fellowship Awards Scheme

will have deadlines, forms and requirements that deviate from those used for applying to the panels and as such should be submitted in accordance with the particular instructions for each (available under the headings on  the left-hand menu).


Key dates for contractors

It is imperative that concept notes and full proposals are delivered to research@ahdb.org.uk in time for distribution and consideration at the next sector Panel Meeting or other relevant meeting.

(Please note that some Sector Panels only consider Concept Notes and Full Proposals once per year, so review the deadline information below carefully to determine when you should apply)


(click to view sector priorities)

Meeting topic, accepted submissions and date

Closing Date

Field Vegetables

Concept notes and full proposals (09 March 2017 meeting)




Hardy Nursery Stock

Concept notes and full proposals (29 June 2017 meeting)


Protected Edibles

inc. Mushrooms

Concept notes and full proposals (22 November 2017 meeting)

12:00pm - 16/10/2017

Protected Ornamentals

inc. Bulbs & Outdoor Flowers

Concept notes and full proposals (20 April 2017 meeting)


Soft Fruit

Concept notes and full proposals (02 March 2017 meeting)


Tree Fruit

Concept notes and full proposals (21 February 2017 meeting)



Download Forms and Templates

Forms and guidance for specific calls for tender, Studentships, the Undergraduate Bursary Scheme, and the Horticultural Fellowship Awards Scheme will vary and applications in response to these calls should be made in line with the instructions under the relevant headings on the left-hand menu.



  New forms for applying for R&KE funding and a guidance document have been developed and can be found on the procurement page of the main AHDB website. Please click here to access them. AHDB Terms and Conditions can also be found on this page.

Guidelines Guidance for applicants requesting funding, including advice on report completion


If you have difficulty downloading any of the documents above, or have a query, please feel free to get in touch with us.