Coping With New National Living Wage Regulations - Protected Edibles

Coping With New National Living Wage Regulations - Protected Edibles

The new regulations introduced on 1 April 2016 are likely to increase your labour costs and potentially affect your profitability, so what can you do about it?
Have you critically evaluated every crop, system and site that you grow and are you concentrating your efforts on those most likely to give both the greatest return and the best margin? Your staff should be more efficient if you do all that you can to make their work easier so focus on the following:

Grow good quality produce with no pest, disease or pollination defects to slow down the harvest and reduce the return on your investment. AHDB has funded numerous projects on crop protection with this aim, the most recent and pertinent being:
- PE 024 - Basil: Improving knowledge and Control of Downy Mildew in protected and outdoor crops

- PE 027 - Peppers: Review of options for control of aphid pests

- PE 020a - Tomato: Further optimisation of Macrolophus release and feeding strategies

- PE 001a - Cucumber : Improving Control of Gummy Stem Blight caused by Mycosphaerella melonis (Didymella bryoniae)


Publications covering crop protection have been produced and can be made available on site for growers to use and inform their work. The most recent of these are listed below, but the full list of relevant publications is available on the Knowledge Hub area of the website. If you would like to order further hard copies of any publications please email hort.info@ahdb.org.uk

- Factsheet 07/15 Cucumber: Epidemiology and Control of Mycosphaerella

- Factsheet 05/15 Pepper fruit rots

- Crop Protection Review Magazine

- TR-PE 002 Technical Review - Tomato bacterial wilt and canker

- 18/14 Getting the best from biopesticides

- Protected Edibles 1 and 2 Crop Walker Guides


With an increase in labour costs, it’s more important now than ever to review your energy costs. GrowSave is the one stop shop for you to be able to do this. The GrowSave team consists of the UK’s leading horticultural energy specialists who have extensive experience of working with growers to reduce energy costs. Whether you want to know the finer points about how to successfully use an energy saving technology, the latest energy price data or how the weather is affecting your energy use, this is the website for you.


The latest protected edibles review magazine is a good place to look to find updates on all projects over the last few years, covering both crop protection and resource management. This also contains information on the latest EAMUs, events and sector updates. The magazine can be viewed online, or hard copies requested from hort.info@ahdb.org.uk


For tomato growers, AHDB Horticulture funded the production of an A4 colour chart for workers to use when picking and selecting fruit. Copies of this are available on request from the TGA offices. Please contact Julie Woolley for a copy. We are also in the final stages of designing a smaller fan style colour chart which will be available shortly.