AHDB/BPOA Poinsettia Discussion Group Meetings


AHDB/BPOA Poinsettia Discussion Group Meetings

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Neame Lea Nursery, Horseshoe Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 3JB

As part of the new AHDB Horticulture-funded project ‘New poinsettia genetics and controlled substrate moisture growing’, two events are being staged during 2017 and 2018 to review a number of new poinsettia varieties and explore the potential of growth control with plant growth regulators other than chlormequat in the short term, and without the need for any chemical growth regulator in the longer term.


The first event will be staged at Neame Lea Nurseries on the 16 November 2017 and the second at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing on the 16 January 2018.


Neame Lea Nurseries, 16 November 2017




National Centre for Food Manufacturing, 16 January 2018. Agenda and programme to be confirmed