AHDB/EMR Association Tree Fruit Day


AHDB/EMR Association Tree Fruit Day

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The Orchards Events Venue, East Malling, Kent, ME19 6BJ

Join us at our annual AHDB / EMR Association tree fruit day presenting a wide range of tree fruit research projects being funded by AHDB and others.


The day will include new research into surveillance for new pests and diseases, the latest findings about a new pest of pear (Anthonomus spilotus) and our final assessment of tree planting types for fruit walls.


There will be a comprehensive focus on our latest understanding of tree fruit diseases including apple canker, cherry canker and brown rot, along with the most recent research into SWD control in cherry.


An update will also be provided on the following: SCEPTREplus screening of new products to control cherry bacterial canker Biocontrol approaches to brown rot control in stone fruit


This event will not only provide an excellent opportunity to get updates on these projects, but also view various project outputs and have further discussions with the researchers.