Climate Control workshop for Soft Fruit


Climate Control workshop for Soft Fruit

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New Forest Fruit, Church Lane, East Boldre, SO42 7WS

Join us at the next GrowSave climate control workshop for soft fruit growers. The day will consist of finding methods in which growers can reduce costs and maintain the right greenhouse environment.


Controlling the climate, especially humidity, can be one of the most challenging and confusing parts of maintaining the right greenhouse environment. Traditionally, the application of heat helped to regulate humidity, but this is costly and often affects other conditions adversely.


The day will aim to help growers find alternative methods to save cost and resources. GrowSave will introduce the basic principles of NGG and the benefits that can be realised. Presentations will be given on the following:

• The basics of humidity control
• The sources, storage and usage of CO2
• The seven tips of Next Generation Growing

The GrowSave Project is delivered by FEC Energy on behalf of the AHDB Horticulture. GrowSave gives growers access to the latest energy-saving information and demonstrates how energy saving techniques work in practice on commercial nurseries. Want to know more about GrowSave? Click here.