Developing New Blends of Growing Media for Horticulture


Developing New Blends of Growing Media for Horticulture

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F P Matthews Ltd, Berrington Court, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8TH

As the industry continues to move away from peat-based growing media, don’t miss this opportunity to familiarise yourself with some of the peat-free alternative materials that are proving successful, including bark, wood fibre, coir and green compost. Join us at Frank P Matthews, growers of over 1.5 million container-grown and bare root fruit and ornamental trees, for a vibrant and educational workshop. Some of the event highlights include: 


A U.S. perspective – what is wood fibre and how can different products be used?
Dr Brian Jackson, North Caroline State University, is internationally recognised for his work in the development and understanding of wood chip and wood fibre. Brian will be joining the growing media workshop to give growers an insight into how different products can be used.
Growing media blends - container-grown top fruit trials
Chloe Whiteside and Dr Sonia Newman, ADAS, will provide an overview and demonstration of the raw materials being used in the various trials staged at FP Matthews so far.
Real-time crop health monitoring and handling media 
‘Looking at things from a different angle’
John Adlam, Dove Associates, will demonstrate new equipment that may offer the potential for real-time monitoring of the nutritional health of crops.
Mechanical handling of growing media blends
Mike Berry, Mechanical Botanical, will lead discussions on how the growing media blends examined in the trials performed when put through various machinery
AHDB/Defra project CP 138 aims to increase the uptake of a range of responsibly sourced growing media, based on materials such as bark, wood fibre, coir and green compost.