Getting the most from your horticultural workforce


Getting the most from your horticultural workforce

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Join us at a labour efficiency workshop aiming to influence, inspire and improve the performance of your horticultural business.


The following specialised workshops will enable all attendees to significantly improve productivity in their workplace through better induction, training, coaching and motivation of seasonal labour.


Chris Rose of Chris Rose Associates will lead a full agenda covering the following topics:

• The role of the team leader

• Effective communication skills

• Developing the right induction process

• Instructional techniques

• Planning and organising to keep ‘hands in the crop’

• Training for competence; coaching for excellence

• Motivation

• Assertiveness

• Solutions to team leader challenges


Who should attend? 


Growers from horticultural businesses who are involved in recruitment, inductions and people management. Find your nearest event and book now.


20 February 2019 – Harrogate

21 February 2019 – Lincolnshire

12 March 2019 – Dundee

14 March 2019 – Kent

19 March 2019 – Shropshire

20 March 2019 - Taunton


As part of the AHDB SmartHort campaign, we are striving to help the industry increase productivity and address the challenge of access to affordable labour through improving management practices and supporting skills development.


The meeting is funded by AHDB and open to all horticultural businesses, but registration is required for catering purposes. To optimise the benefit of the course, the maximum number of delegates for the event will be 15, spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.