Growing media developments in soft fruit propagation


Growing media developments in soft fruit propagation

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EU Plants Ltd
Manor Farm, Jubilee Road, Finchampstead, Berkshire
RG40 3TS


Join us for an update of recent research in soft fruit propagation and production along with an insight into plant propagation at EU Plants, followed by a tour of the farm courtesy of Slavey Slavchev.


The event will update delegates on the research currently underway into the development of responsibly sourced growing media for use in soft fruit propagation. Although the industry has generally moved away from production in peat, it is still heavily reliant on a single material, coir. The trials have evaluated the performance of new growing media blends during the propagation phase and the subsequent establishment of such plants.


The event will also present new information on the optimisation of integrated pest management of cane fruit pests and diseases, specifically the work carried out on Phytophthora rubi, and the use of alternative methods to reduce the level of root rot in raspberries.



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