GrowSave Glasshouse heating and lighting for soft fruit


GrowSave Glasshouse heating and lighting for soft fruit

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Stonebridge Golf Centre
Somers Road, Meriden, Coventry


Want to know how heating and lighting can benefit soft fruit crops?


GrowSave are hosting a day event for the Soft Fruit sector, focusing on how improving heating and lighting can benefit a soft fruit crop.


The morning will cover various aspects of heating, with a look at the technical and financial feasibility of renewable heat sources. There will be discussions around what incentive schemes are currently available and the eligibility criteria, and how these can help make a project financially viable.


Got questions about renewable heating systems? The event will allow you to raise any concerns or uncertainty regarding renewable heating systems.


The afternoon will focus on lighting and why you might consider supplementary lighting for soft fruit. You will be looking at the different technologies on the market and our specialists will offer some insight into the benefits and drawbacks of each, and whether it is worth the investment at all.


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