GrowSave: What is next for renewable heat? Scotland


GrowSave: What is next for renewable heat? Scotland

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Leven Road, Lundin Links, Nr St Andrews, KY8 6AJ, Scotland

This event aims to help growers understand how recent legislative changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) open up the potential for larger biomass boiler projects and for the biomass combined heat and power set-ups, while retaining the benefits of heat pumps. 


During the morning consultants from FEC Energy and Ebtech Solutions will explain the changes to RHI in more detail and how they're likely to benefit growers who may be considering renewable heating systems. Other subtle but significant changes to the application requirements and eligibility of heat use will be clarified. Specialists in supply and installation will also make presentations about the integration of renewable systems in greenhouse heating. 


The day will conclude with a tour around a local soft fruit grower.