Humidity Workshops


Humidity Workshops

23/01/2019 to 24/01/2019
Newey Roundstone Ltd.
Newlands, Pagham Road, Lagness, Chichester, West Sussex
PO20 1LL

GrowSave (an AHDB funded project), will be running a two-day workshop on 23 and 24 January 2019.


Basic Humidity Control (Day One)

The first day will focus on the basics of humidity control, exploring the issues around control, why and how it can be achieved, as well as introducing some of the new thinking about glasshouse conditions. This day is primarily aimed at supervisors and other staff who are looking to become more involved in growing, as well as those who have occasional responsibility for maintaining the correct greenhouse conditions.


Advanced Humidity Control (Day Two)

The second day will focus on more advanced methods and more details on this will be released soon.


Stay tuned for more details and speaker information that will be released soon.


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