Lettuce Fusarium Wilt - Technical Workshop


Lettuce Fusarium Wilt - Technical Workshop

NFU - Agriculture House
1 Moss Lane View, Lancashire

An outbreak of an aggressive disease, lettuce Fusarium wilt has been reported in UK lettuce crops for the first time and growers are being urged to look out for symptoms to get diagnosis early.


Lettuce Fusarium wilt has previously been found in mainland Europe, but the identification of this strain of the disease in Lancashire, in October this year, was the first time it has been confirmed in the UK. 


AHDB will host a workshop aimed at growers, advisors and agronomists to discuss the problem we face and what actions will be taken in the coming months.


To date we have confirmed:


  • Presenting on ‘Practical measures to reduce the risk and impact of lettuce Fusarium wilt - utilising knowledge of other Fusarium wilt diseases’.

Tim O’Neill - ADAS Associate Plant Pathologist 


  • Setting up the scene on lettuce Fusarium wilt: updates from the UK and Ireland

UK protected lettuce growers and propagators

John Johnson – Enza Zaden

Stephen Alexander – Teagasc, Ireland


  • Soil disinfestation options using Basamid



  • Update on diagnostics for lettuce Fusarium wilt and discussion on sampling and monitoring

Andy Taylor – Warwick University