Next Generation Growing Workshop


Next Generation Growing Workshop

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Mill Nurseries
Ottringham Road, Hull
HU12 9RX

Join us for a final workshop to share the results of the GrowSave pilot study group project, Next Generation Growing (NGG). 


This workshop is the perfect opportunity for protected edibles, protected ornamentals and soft fruit growers to learn from other growers that took part in the NGG project.


It will allow delegates to learn from growers who took part in the project and share their outcomes, the challenges they have experienced, how they have benefited from the NGG techniques.


Can these results be applied to real-world environments?


Mark van der Werf will explain the ideas and how to implement these learnt techniques in a real-world environment and provide growers maximum benefit. If there are any questions, this will be the perfect chance to ask.


Want to know more about Next Generation Growing? Click here.


The GrowSave Project is delivered by FEC Energy on behalf of the AHDB Horticulture. GrowSave gives growers access to the latest energy saving information and demonstrates how energy saving techniques work in practice on commercial nurseries. Want to know more about GrowSave? Click here. 


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