Onion Open Day - Herbicide and seed variety field trials


Onion Open Day - Herbicide and seed variety field trials

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P.G.Rix Farms
Higham Hall Field, Stratford St Mary, Colchester, Essex
near CO7 6JX


Join us for an informal tour of the drilled onion trial plots as part of the seed variety field trials and SCEPTREplus weed control trials.


The variety trials are funded by AHDB, the seed companies and NIAB TAG with the aim of providing growers with independent assessment of the growing habits, yield, quality and storage potential of new onion varieties propagated from seed.


Growers, agronomists and crop protection manufacturers will also have the opportunity to assess and comment on the treatments applied as part of the SCEPTREplus weed control trials in onions.


The SCEPTREplus work package on allium weed control covers bulb onions and leeks as well as salad onions.


The trials focus on the control of key gaps in weed species of broad leaved weeds and grasses at both pre-emergence and post-emergence application timings.


The weed species targets include fat hen, field pansy, small nettle, composite and polygonum weeds and grasses.


Lack of control of these weeds is due to a combination of crop sensitivity to available herbicides and lack of available herbicides to cover the full weed spectrum.


The trial site in Essex is looking at contact herbicide screens as alternatives to current approvals. The three herbicides have been applied alone at two different rates, as well as each in combination with either Buctril, Basagran SG or Starane HiLoad.


Click here for a map of the field trial site.



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Grid reference: 51°58'40.1"N 0°58'07.0"E