Poinsettia Discussion Group Meetings (product shelf life)


Poinsettia Discussion Group Meetings (product shelf life)

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Conference Room
National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln, Holbeach Campus
PE12 7PT

Join us at the second discussion group event to review the shelf life performance of a number of new poinsettia varieties and to hear more results from the trials exploring the potential of growth control via new plant growth regulator products and water deficit irrigation techniques.


The event is being staged at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing on the 17 January 2019.


The first part of the day will consist of presentations regarding:


  • Final review of the water deficit work at Neame Lea Nurseries
  • Final resume of the plant growth regulator work for 2018
  • Results from the Poinsettia Monitoring Scheme and residue testing work
  • Lighting and other European work on poinsettias

The second part of the day will offer delegates an opportunity to view the shelf life trials:


  • Visiting shelf life facilities and plants
  • American poinsettia variety trial (video) and summary of Italian study tour


Refreshments and lunch will be available on the day, courtesy of AHDB.


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As part of the ongoing AHDB Horticulture-funded project ‘New poinsettia genetics and controlled substrate moisture growing’, this is the perfect opportunity to meet specialists from NIAB EMR, ADAS and other organisations to discuss the project results so far.


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