Poinsettia Study Tour


Poinsettia Study Tour

12/11/2018 to 14/11/2018
Latina, Italy

You are invited to attend an overseas study tour in Italy focusing on poinsettia production. Italy is the second largest producer of poinsettias in Europe with 17 million plants.


This autumn, courtesy of Harry Kitchener, Lazzeri, AHDB and BPOA, a study tour is planned for the beginning of week 46 to visit Lazzeri (poinsettia breeder and young plants supplier) in Sabaudia, and a range of other nurseries, to view the variety trial and several other commercial crops.


Flying to Rome-Ciampino airport and driving 80km south to Latina, which has a large concentration of poinsettia growers, it is planned to visit six to eight businesses during the study tour.


Delegates are required to pay for their own hotel room (rooms will be reserved) and organise their own return flight.



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