SCEPTREplus Brassica weed control trials


SCEPTREplus Brassica weed control trials

10/10/2018 to 11/10/2018
Start Time: 
End Time: 
Elsoms trial grounds, W Marsh Road,
Spalding, Lincolnshire,
PE11 3UW

Come along to see the SCEPTREplus herbicide screen on new and novel products for weed control in Brassicas.

The trial sites will be open to view on the day of the Elsoms vegetable variety open days, and is sited across the road from the main open day site. 

The SCEPTREplus work package on Brassica weed control includes a screen of new products which may have activity on charlock, and also includes a demonstration of band spraying using commercially available products or those close to being available.

The project team will be on hand to answer your questions and provide information about the trials throughout the two days. 


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About the trials

The choice of products included in each trial is focused on the control of key gaps in weed species of broad leaved weeds and grasses at both pre-emergence and post-emergence application timings.

Growers particularly requested control of charlock at post-emergence so this has been considered in the choice of products trialed. Five new products have been applied at three different rates in the post-emergence herbicide screen, with two novel pre-emergence products also applied within the same screen

In the band spraying trial, five different combinations of products have been used which include variations of metazochlor, clomazone, pendimethalin, pendimethalin + dimethenamid-P and a coded product.