SCEPTREplus Open Day - Rhubarb Weed Control


SCEPTREplus Open Day - Rhubarb Weed Control

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E Oldroyd & Sons Ltd
Rothwell, Leeds
LS26 0SA

There will be a chance to have a formal tour of two rhubarb herbicide trials and discuss progress of the trials so far with researcher Angela Huckle from ADAS. For growers of other crops Angela will be happy to discuss the wider range of herbicide work so far including work on Carrots, Sweetcorn and Outdoor Cucurbits.

  • In Trial 1, a selection of 15 experimental post-emergence herbicide treatments have been applied after harvest and tested for crop safety and efficacy against a range of perennial and annual weeds present at the trial site. Preliminary crop safety results will also be available for the equivalent herbicide trial carried out in Hampshire.
  • In trial 2, recently approved product Callisto (mesotrione) has been applied at two timings post-harvest at three different rates and in tank mixes with currently approved products. This is to investigate crop safety and efficacy of this product at a post-harvest application timing.
BASIS and NRoSO points will be applied for to support this event.

SCEPTREplus aims to deliver applied research on high priority disease, pest and weed problems in fresh produce and ornamental crops in order to support approval of products and devise and develop IPM programmes.




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