SCEPTREplus Pumpkin and Courgette Herbicide field trials


SCEPTREplus Pumpkin and Courgette Herbicide field trials

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Barfoots’ Abshot Farm
Little Abshot Road
PO14 4LN

There are currently very few herbicide options for weed control for cucurbit and pumpkin growers.


The limited range of herbicides leaves gaps in the weed control spectrum, and growers experience problems with a wide range of weeds including polygonum weeds, black nightshade, black bindweed, sowthistle, and a number of grass weeds.


The aim of the trial is to evaluate a range of herbicide treatments applied alone or in combination, and either pre or post planting to help fill some of the gaps. 


The event will start at the Pumpkin trial site at Barfoots’ Abshot Farm on Little Abshot Rd, Titchfield, PO14 4LN in Hampshire (13:00-14:00) and move on to the courgette trials which are located on Selsey Road near Stockbridge in W. Sussex (15:00-16:00).


Sites will be signposted on the day.


Growers and crop protection specialists will be able to see how the 28 treatments in pumpkins and 26 treatments in courgettes have impacted weed growth and check for any negative impacts on the crop.


We will  apply for BASIS and NRoSO points for delegates of this event.


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