Gloves and worker exposure

Gloves and worker exposure


AHDB Horticulture has been working alongside the Chemical Regulations Directorate (CRD) to collect evidence that supports the argument that gloves should be considered as a mitigating factor for workers when entering a crop post-application of a plant protection product (PPP).  CRD has issued a regulatory update that announces that gloves can now be considered in its worker exposure assessments. The relevant condition(s) of authorisation will appear on the Notice of Authorisation (including EAMUs) and the product label and should give growers flexibility allowing the option for workers to enter the crop if and when appropriate gloves are worn. 


Workers must wear suitable protective gloves when handling treated crops.  Meeting at least glove safety standard EN374-2:2014, Level 2. Such gloves can be identified by a CE Mark with four digits below, and the EN374 pictogram for micro-biological hazards.


Many workers already wear gloves when working in a crop but it is important that the right type of gloves are used to comply with the new condition(s) of authorisation. To ensure that growers understand the changes, AHDB Horticulture will produce guidance for growers, including information on the type of gloves that are considered appropriate:


A factsheet: 09/15 Selection and use of ‘splash-resistant single use’ (SRSU) protective gloves for workers handling treated plants and contaminated surfaces - aimed at employers explaining the update and the type of gloves which should be made available to workers. 


A HSE poster aimed at workers outlining best practice when using gloves, will be available at the back of the factsheet or alternatively can be downloaded here.

A wall-chart offering guidance on the correct way to select and use gloves when working in treated crops is now available.


The poster is now also available 3 different languages, please click on the language you would like to view: 























See the full news story on the regulatory changes issued by CRD here.