GrowSave is 10

For over 10 years, GrowSave has been helping the protected cropping industry take energy saving actions in their businesses.


To celebrate, we will be looking back at some of the many ways GrowSave has provided energy saving information and shared the latest technologies with the UK industry.  






Energy saving news, tips and advice from GrowSave

From innovative new practices like Next Generation Growing to advice on biomass boiler installation, GrowSave has been sharing energy saving ideas and news through events, newsletters, factsheets and blogs for the last 10 years. Over the next 10 days, we'll be sharing some of the highlights from a decade of its work for the protected cropping industry. 


GrowSave sets up study groups to trial Next Generation Growing principles in the UK

24 September 2017

Next Generation Growing (NGG) is reaping rewards for Dutch growers by yielding significant savings in energy, without the need for major capital investment. GrowSave is setting out to help the UK to adopt this very different way of growing. Read more...


Correctly design and operate your circulation fan system

23 September 2017

Jon Swain, GrowSave project manager, discusses the critical role fans play in creating uniform climates and the positive impact on crop yields, as well as their potential to reduce energy consumption. Read more... 



GrowSave: generating better returns for your energy

22 September 2017

While selling back spare electricity to the grid can bring a new income stream, growers are not always getting the best deals. GrowSave is on hand to help…Read more.


GrowSave urges growers to benefit from Climate Change Levy Discount

21 September 2017

Signing up to a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) could help protected crops businesses reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills, particularly in the light of the increase planned for the Climate Change Levy (CCL), latest advice from GrowSave recommends. Read more...


Making sense of changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive

20 September 2017

GrowSave unpicks the changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme to help growers understand what this means for them. Read more...