HDC/HTA Overseas Markets Tool Kit

HDC/HTA Overseas Markets Tool Kit

This spreadsheet contains data on international horticultural markets in Europe and was developed as part of AHDB Horticulture project CPM 001.  It is designed to provide - in a single place - data for growers looking to evaluate different countries as potential export markets for garden products.  It has been prepared by the Horticultural Trades Association for AHDB Horticulture as part of a research project to support UK ornamental plant growers (please note references to HDC now refer to our new name: AHDB Horticulture).

The spreadsheet contains data that is potentially useful in profiling and comparing different export markets, and identifying markets which merit more detailed research and evaluation.  It contains a segmentation of different countries in terms of their potential as export markets for ornamentals.  


Installation and use

You will require Microsoft Excel on your computer to be able to install and use the tool. To download please click here. Once the programme has downloaded at the bottom of your screen click and open the excel document.

Once the programme is open in the top left hand of the spreadsheet it will say protected view, you will need to click enable editing.

You are now able to start using the programme.