Protected Ornamentals

Protected Ornamentals

Protected Ornamentals


Combined with the Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers sector, the Protected Ornamentals (PO) sector contributes around 11% of the annual Horticulture levy income and is one of the three ornamentals sectors. The PO sector encompasses production of protected pot plants, pack bedding and indoor cut flowers, as well as the associated plant propagation. The sector encompasses numerous production systems. Businesses vary considerably in size and the markets they supply.


The PO sector is subdivided into the following broad crop groups (approximate levy income shown):


Crop Group

Approximate levy income

Bedding plants (pansies, cosmos, dianthus...) 69%
Pot plants (cyclamen, begonia, poinsettia etc.) 25%
Propagation 6%


Based on current and planned spend for the 2018/19 financial year, the split of work funded by the Protected Ornamentals Panel is as follows:























The outer ring shows the proportion of money being spent on different ‘themes’, and the inner ring gives more detail about the breakdown of spend within each theme.


In association with grower associations, researchers, industry, and the Protected Ornamentals Panel, AHDB Horticulture have identified three main priorities going forward:


1. Building sustainable plant health – regularly review availability of existing and new chemical and biological products, and manage seed-borne diseases


2. Managing resources efficiently and sustainably – while reducing labour costs is important (relevant global developments, new approaches to crop production systems), the Panel feel that this is not necessarily something to be delivered by AHDB


3. Honing technical and business skills – ensuring a skilled workforce to secure the long-term future, and ensure the ornamentals industry has a sufficiently skilled consultant base


See the full list of Protected Ornamentals Panel priorities.


Grower Associations

Protected Ornamentals grower associations include:


British Protected Ornamentals Association

There are currently no other active groups for the sector. If you are part of one that you feel would benefit from AHDB collaboration, please contact Georgina Key.


Georgina Key

Ornamentals lead



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