AHDB reviews pest control guidance following chlorpyrifos withdrawal announcement


AHDB reviews pest control guidance following chlorpyrifos withdrawal announcement

Following the announcement to withdraw products containing chlorpyrifos in the UK, AHDB is reviewing its guidance to help growers and farmers assess pest control options.


Announced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on 12 February 2016, the withdrawal prohibits the use of all chlorpyrifos products from 1 April 2016 (except the use of drench treatment applied via automated gantry sprayer to protected seedling brassica).

Chlorpyrifos is used by growers and farmers to control a wide range of pests in many agricultural and horticultural situations. In some of these situations, alternative control options are available – including chemical and cultural approaches. However, in some situations control options are limited.
The continued reduction in authorised active ingredients also increases the risk of resistance to agrochemicals developing in pest populations.
Dr Bill Parker, AHDB Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange for Crops, said: “The withdrawn chlorpyrifos options are highly unlikely to return to the UK.
“Consequently, we feel it is important to focus on the remaining options and how they can be exploited in a sustainable manner, rather than to dwell on what has gone.
“We have invested in integrated pest management approaches for decades and alternative control options exists for many situations. However, the efficacy of the alternative options varies.
“Options are detailed within current AHDB guidance and we are working to make levy payers aware of alternative approaches.”
Due to number of resources impacted by the withdrawal, updates are being prioritised in order of importance. Levy payers will be informed about major updates via AHDB’s communication’s channels. AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds has published a dedicated web page at cereals.ahdb.org.uk/chlorpyrifos
For further information, contact Jason Pole, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Communications Manager (Technical) – 024 7647 8719, jason.pole@ahdb.org.uk