Bush Fruit and Brassica Crop Walkers' Guides now available on the app


Bush Fruit and Brassica Crop Walkers' Guides now available on the app


The Crop Walkers’ Guide app is a user-friendly tool designed to accurately identify economically-damaging pests, diseases and disorders on tablets and smart phones. The Bush Fruit and Brassica guides join the 16 crop specific guides already available for free on the app.   

The app also allows users to log the GPS location where symptoms were spotted while on nursery, in store and out in the field.


High-resolution images show the key stages of each pest or pathogen, along with the typical plant symptoms produced and succinct bullet points to help with identification.


Users can also fill out a ‘create a report’ feature when they identify signs of a pest or disease, allowing them to keep a log of sightings by emailing a report to themselves. It details where the pest or disease was spotted by GPS location, with images and notes on the findings.


The Brassica Crop Walkers' Guide was recently re-published with new information on nutrition deficiencies and disorders within the crop, as well as images of key stages in the life cycles of pests and diseases. 


How to download the guide


If you haven't yet downloaded the Crop Walkers' Guide app, you can download it for free from the Apple Store or Android by searching AHDB Crop Walkers’ Guide. 


If you have already downloaded the Crop Walkers' Guide app, to add either the Bush Fruit or Brassica guide, you will need to:


1. Select 'Settings' from the main menu options






























2. Select 'Check for updates'



























3. Click 'Select Guides', then tick 'Bush Fruit' or 'Brassica'.  The guide will then download to your phone


Please note, if you want to only download the guides over Wifi, please ensure that you select 'Wifi only' within settings, otherwise you may be charged by your provider for data usage.