Cutting through the noise to provide children with the ‘Food Facts of Life’


Cutting through the noise to provide children with the ‘Food Facts of Life’

AHDB has a new three-year education strategy, designed to provide children with engaging content and facts that link farming, food and nutrition.


We are partnering with the British Nutrition Foundation to produce a single streamlined education programme, aligned directly to the national curriculum. By presenting one offering as AHDB and BNF, rather than multiple sector and nutrition-based offerings, we can cut through the noise and speak directly to time poor teachers.


AHDB has an established record in education delivery at both primary and secondary levels through a number of programmes including Grow Your Own Potatoes.   As part of the new partnership, Grow Your Own Potatoes will continue in a revised form, with specific elements migrated across to BNF.


Roy Ballam, Managing Director and Head of Education, British Nutrition Foundation said: “Working together in a strategic partnership will allow both organisations to achieve greater value, through increased reach and impact. It reduces duplication and allows us both to focus on what’s important – ensuring that teachers and their students have access to credible classroom materials and training. Together we can make a meaningful difference – after all, food, it’s a fact of life.”


Ensuring our work is evidence-based and delivers return on investment are AHDB guiding principles, which is why all our future activities will be underpinned by independent research carried out with over 1,300 teachers.


Through this partnership, we will target teachers and key influencers, rather than schoolchildren directly. The result will be children with a clear understanding of how food is produced and a positive outlook on British farming. 


If you want to get in touch with the AHDB Education Team please email: education@ahdb.org.uk