Open house at event for bedding and pot plant growers


Open house at event for bedding and pot plant growers

Following last year's successful open day at the Bedding and Pot Plant Centre, AHDB Horticulture will once again be opening the doors of the Centre for growers to view the ongoing trials programme on Tuesday 21 June 2016.
The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre at Baginton Nurseries, Warwickshire, was set up to directly address industry needs through a two-year programme of trials and new product demonstrations - now extended into a third year - as well as to develop practical solutions to technical problems encountered on commercial nurseries.
The summer open day for 2016, which is timed to coincide with the HTA Plant Show to enable growers to minimise time away from the nursery, will provide an overview and tours of the trials currently in place.  It also represents an opportunity for growers to share their views on the trials and contribute to the planning of future research within the bedding and pot plant sectors.  With a BBQ and refreshments planned after the tours, it is also a great opportunity to network with other growers and research staff.
An addition to this year’s event will be a focus on bedding plant growing media as part of the ‘Transition to responsibly sourced growing media use within UK Horticulture’ (CP 138) project. 2016 is year two of this five year project and is the first year of grower hosted on-site trials.  Project background and progress will be presented against a backdrop of bedding plants produced in peat-reduced and peat-free growing media.
AHDB’s Wayne Brough said, “This event is key for growers who want to find out more about new products, nursery trials specifically for the pot and bedding sector and new solutions to the technical problems experienced on a commercial small to medium nursery. We know growers have little spare time, so we’ve ensured this event coincides with the HTA Plant Show so that growers can take on board as much information as possible in a single day away from the nursery.”
The event starts at 5pm at Baginton Nurseries, 12 Stoneleigh Road, Baginton, CV8 3BA and will be rounded off with an outdoor BBQ and refreshments.  A mini-bus service will be in place to take attendees from the HTA Plant Show at Stoneleigh to the Centre and bring them back again at the end of the event. You must register for this event either online here or by calling the AHDB Horticulture events team on 024 7669 2051