Plant Health information moves


Plant Health information moves

Growers looking for the Plant Health information from the Fera website should now look to Defra’s GOV.UK website for reference.


Fera’s website will close at the end of December and much of the plant health content has been transferred, or is in the process of being, over to Defra’s GOV.UK website here. This means that pages currently used to access the PH Risk Register, to host consultations on plant health PRAs, to provide updates on legislation and on the licensing of non-native bio-control agents will be affected. To maintain straightforward access to this and other information on plant health issues go there directly from here.


In 2013 the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce set up by Defra recommended the development of a modern, user-friendly system to provide quick access to information about tree health and plant biosecurity. The intention is to develop the Risk Register page from the existing interim portal into a more formal Plant Health portal as described by the Taskforce.