SCEPTREplus delivers new biopesticide


SCEPTREplus delivers new biopesticide

Protected ornamental growers now have access to a new biopesticide, FLiPPER, for the control of a range of pests.


The authorisation for the product was sought by AHDB’s Minor Use team, in collaboration with Alpha Biocontrol and Fargro, following successful performance within SCEPTREplus, the crop protection research trials.


FLiPPER provided a significant reduction in verbena flower damage in the 2017 trials on western flower thrips, compared to the control when used in combination with N. cucumeris.


The product was coded AHDB9970 in the trials, and the full report can be read here.


Jude Bennison, ADAS entomologist, who conducted the trials has also written a summary about the trials. Read her blog here


The Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) relates to the use of FLiPPER on protected ornamentals for the control of aphids, whitefly and spider mite, but growers can be confident in its performance in western flower thrips control too.


You can download the authorisation here.


The SCEPTREplus programme, only in its second year, has now helped deliver five new EAMU approvals for the industry and one on-label approval,



  • Centurion Max as a herbicide on herbs
  • Dual Gold as a herbicide on sweetcorn
  • Gamit 36 CS as a herbicide on carrot
  • Wing-P as a herbicide on courgette and squash
  • FLiPPER as an insecticide on protected ornamentals


Luna Sensation as a fungicide for strawberries


Click here to find out more about SCEPTREplus.