Tree-fruit research event into new pests and diseases


Tree-fruit research event into new pests and diseases

The annual tree-fruit day is promising to bring growers a wide range of tree fruit research projects funded by AHDB on 28 February 2019 at East Malling, Kent.


There will be a comprehensive focus on our latest understanding of tree fruit diseases including apple canker, cherry canker and brown rot, along with the most recent research into spotted wing drosophila (SWD) control in cherry.


Scott Raffle, Knowledge exchange manager from AHDB said: “A huge amount of new research is being funded on crop protection in tree fruit. In particular delegates will find out about some interesting new approaches to finding solutions to apple canker. This will include the progress being made with endophytes, organisms which live within the plant tissues.”


Funded by AHDB and EMR, growers will get the chance to find out the latest findings about a new pest of pear (Anthonomus spilotus), first suspected in the UK since 2015.


Scott continues: “Work is underway to see if success in the laboratory with these organisms can be replicated in the field as we try to understand more about their relationship to the tree and the disease.”


The tree-fruit sector has invested in new research into surveillance for new pests and diseases; Glen Powell and Matevz Papp-Rupar from NIAB EMR will explain how this programme will aim to help growers.


Nigel Kitney, a tree-fruit grower and advisor said: “I have been heavily involved in helping to steer two major AHDB tree fruit projects on crop protection and fruit quality and am pleased that many of the results of these will be presented at this year’s Tree Fruit Day. Some really interesting progress is being made in particular on apple canker, bacterial canker of cherry and continued surveillance of new pests and diseases”.


This event will not only provide an excellent opportunity to get updates on these projects, but also view various project outputs and have further discussions with the researchers and specialists from AHDB and NIAB EMR.


To book your place, visit horticulture.ahdb.org.uk/events