Over-arching strategy

Over-arching strategy

As AHDB Horticulture moves forward there will be a growing emphasis on achieving additional efficiencies by securing greater benefits from levy funds. A key component in this future strategic framework will be the increased commissioning of cross panel projects which focus on common core issues.

This future strategy will be based on a Strategic Development Framework that separates the crop production cycle into six areas:

  1. genetics
  2. soil and substrates
  3. inputs
  4. crop protection
  5. cropping systems
  6. post-harvest

In essence, the underlying aim of the strategy is to build a programme of applied research and knowledge transfer work intended to enable British growers of edible or ornamental crops to increase their efficiency, productivity, profitability, competitiveness, resilience, output and value, and make possible a future expansion of UK and overseas markets for British horticultural produce.

The driving principles behind AHDB Horticulture strategy are: optimisation, meaning the leveraging of all available facilities, resources and inputs to obtain the best sustainable outcome from British horticulture; and additionality, meaning that resulting activity meets needs and creates value in ways that compliment, and do not compete or conflict with, the activities of other bodies.


  • To see the full AHDB Horticulture Research and Development strategy please click here, or view our concise 'Fit for the Future' strategy document*.


  • You can also view the individual Crop Sector Priorities pages for information on the topic areas that the individual sector panels are focusing on.


  • And taking all this valuable research forwards, AHDB Horticulture's 'Engagement with Impact' publication aims to present how we will deliver the knowledge derived from the priorities set out in the research and development strategy document*.


*HDC changed its name to AHDB Horticulture in June 2015. References to HDC contained in any documents should be read as AHDB Horticulture.