Programme of work/Consortium

Project Objectives

Identify current and pre-commercial pesticides and biopesticides and assess their potential for use on key crop protection priorities in fruit and vegetable production in the UK to fill pesticide gaps and reduce overall use of synthetic pesticides.

  1. For disease and pest problems, design and deliver pesticide and biopesticide efficacy tests on key crop protection priorities in order to identify effective and crop-safe products for potential use in sustainable disease and pest IPM solutions.
  2. For disease and pest problems, design and test sustainable IPM programmes that incorporate pesticides and biopesticides identified in this project to fill pesticide gaps and reduce the use of synthetic pesticides.
  3. For weed problems, design and deliver herbicide screening tests with emphasis on crop tolerance, including residue studies in Year 1.
  4. For weed problems, design and test systems to reduce herbicide usage by more targeted application and/or other methods, and integrate these with current commercial practice.

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Project Co-ordinator                                                                              
Tim O’Neill (ADAS)
Project Secretary
Bolette Palle Neve (AHDB Horticulture)
Consortium Chair
Mrs Harriet Duncalfe
Mr Andy Richardson (ABC)
Ms Cathy Knott (ABC)
Dr Peter Gladders (ADAS)
Ms Angela Huckle (ADAS)
Mr John Atwood (ADAS)
Mrs Lynn Tatnell (ADAS)
Dr Angela Berrie (EMR)
Dr Jerry Cross (EMR)
Prof. Xiangming Xu (EMR)
Dr Nick Birch (SCRI)
Dr Martin McPherson (STC)
Mrs Cathryn Lambourne (STC)
Ms Pat Croft (STC)
Mr Luke Tilley (STC)
Dr Rosemary Collier (WU)
Disease Group
Bayer CropScience Ltd
Belchim Crop Protection Ltd
Berry Garden Growers Ltd
BerryWorld Ltd
Dow Agrosciences Ltd
Du Pont (UK) Ltd
Fresh Produce Consortium
H&H Duncalfe Ltd
Horticultural Development Company
International Produce Ltd
J E Piccaver & Co
Koppert UK Ltd
Marks & Spencer plc
Stewarts of Tayside
Syngenta Crop Protection Ltd
Total World Fresh Ltd
Project Consultants
Vivian Powell (AHDB Horticulture)
Roma Gwynn (RBS)
Research Groups
Disease Group
Pests Group
Weeds Group

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