Leafy Salads: Research and Development Scoping study


FV 434 - Leafy Salads: Research and Development Scoping study

Start Date: 
Completion Date: 
Project Leader: 
Colin Bloomfield, British Leafy Salads Association
FV 434


Industry representative: David Edwards

HDC project cost: £6,000


Project summary:


The British Leafy Salads Association, in collaboration with HDC, has developed a Research and Development strategy, which highlights the industry’s priority objectives for the next 5 years.
Work now needs to be done to explore and commission both research and knowledge transfer to underpin these priority topics. This involves investigating research collaborative opportunities and research capabilities in the UK.
Aim(s) and objective(s):
A series of ‘science scoping’ meetings will be held between members of BLSA, scientists and HDC and agreed work will be procured and commissioned through the BLSA Technical Committee and HDC Field Vegetable Panel. This Contract provides support to BLSA for its input to the scoping exercise.