06/07 Principles of strawberry nutrition in soil-less substrates


06/07 Principles of strawberry nutrition in soil-less substrates

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In recent years, there has been an increasing move towards production of strawberries in soil-less substrates (Figure 1). For growers who have tradi-tionally grown strawberries in field soils, the biggest change to cope with is the nutrition of the crop. Given the very high investment costs incurred in setting up a range of soil-less substrate production sys-tems, it is vital that high yields of quality fruit with a high grade-out of class 1 are produced. Incorrect nutrition can not only give rise to poor fruit quality, but can also lead to root damage with subsequent reduc-tion in fruit size, fruit malformation and reduced yield. This factsheet has been produced to provide growers with a basic understanding of the nutritional requirements of strawberries grown in soil-less substrates (predominantly peat and coir). It should be used in conjunction with the HDC strawberry feed calculator which helps growers to calculate the quantities of fertilisers they need to use to achieve the recipes included in this factsheet. 

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