Cane Fruit Crop Walkers' Guide


Cane Fruit Crop Walkers' Guide

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Every year, significant losses to cane fruit crops would be incurred unless crops were protected from the ravages of various pests and diseases. The UK horticultural industry has progressed significantly from the routine ‘spray and pray’ attitude of yesteryear – today the emphasis is on forecasting, monitoring,
identifying and then employing biologically friendly treatments. 
This Crop Walkers’ Guide is aimed at assisting cane fruit businesses with their pest, predator and disease monitoring and identification. It is designed for growers, supervisors and their staff to use out in the field situation and includes images of the various economically important pests and diseases, their life cycles, together with short, easy-to-read comments.
It is impossible to show every symptom of every pest or disease and growers are advised to familiarise themselves with the range of symptoms that can be expressed and be aware that new problems can occasionally arise. This guide makes no attempt at offering advice on the measures available to control these pests or diseases as these change all too regularly. Having identified a particular pest or disease on their crop, growers should acquaint themselves with the control measures currently available.
Hard copies are free to AHDB Horticulture levy payers and dependent on your Associate package may be free or charged at a reduced rate. If you require a hard copy of this publication then please contact LPC.CRM@ahdb.org.uk