Growing Media Review


Growing Media Review

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The Growing Media Review magazine provides the latest industry progress and research in the work towards helping the horticulture industry reduce its reliance on peat. 


The government paper, 'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment,' published in January 2018, has reconfirmed the target to 'restoring our vulnerable peatlands and ending peat use in horticultural products by 2030.' 


AHDB has funded several research programmes including ' CP 138Transition to responsibly sourced growing media use within UK Horticulture' to help the industry achieve this ambitious target, and the magazine offers a useful update on the progress the project has made. 


In this magazine: 

  • A new model to predict the performance of different growing media blends
  • An American perspective on non-peat substrates
  • The environmental importance of peatland bogs
  • Innovation and commercial success stories across the supply chain