Grown in Britain

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Horticulture in the UK is a highly varied and innovative industry. It accounts for about 3% of the UK’s croppable area yet its growers – all 4,000 or more of them – produce more than 300 types of vegetable, salad and fruit crops, to say nothing of a huge range of ornamental plants and flowers. It all adds up to a value of around £3 billion, or €3.6 billion.
Most growers produce to independently inspected assurance schemes ensuring the highest standards of traceability, quality and safety; and are working hard to use more environmentally sustainable methods. Investment in research means British produce is tastier, fresher and more competitively grown than ever. The
Grown in Britain introduces the depth and breadth of British horticulture and demonstrates the diversity of what we grow, and where and how we grow it.
For more information on any particular crop, please contact the relevant crop association – details are listed on page 25.
Hard copies are free to AHDB Horticulture levy payers and dependent on your Associate package may be free or charged at a reduced rate. If you require a hard copy of this publication then please contact LPC.CRM@ahdb.org.uk.