Practical weed control for nursery stock (2018 Update)


Practical weed control for nursery stock (2018 Update)

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The Practical Weed Control For Nursery Stock Guide has been the definitive guide for weed control in both container-grown and field-grown nursery stock for many years. The last version was published in 2013, and although many of the basic principles of weed biology and control covered in the guide remain the same today, several of the herbicide products mentioned have subsequently changed.  

The 2018 update and covering letter therefore list the active ingredients that have been revoked over the last five years and provide a summary of the new active ingredients and leading example products that are available to industry. The update has been created in a similar style to the 2013 version of the guide and should provide both a quick guide to formulating weed control programmes as well as providing more in-depth reference data about individual herbicide products.