Precision Farming – Does it pay? Workbook


Precision Farming – Does it pay? Workbook

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Be Precise is a knowledge transfer initiative that seeks to provide growers with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions about whether Precision Farming techniques are appropriate for their farming system. Precision technology includes techniques such as guidance, mapping and variable rate application. It can help improve the effi ciency of farm operations including cultivations and fertiliser use and more accurate agrochemical application. In the first phase of the initiative, run in 2009 and supported by England Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative (ECSFDI), HGCA held national workshops, farm visits, an R&D
Conference and created a range of resources to increase awareness of Precision Farming and its benefits. The work has now been tailored to horticulture and potato growers.
The Be PRECISE campaign is designed to:
  • Explain the fundamentals of Precision
  • Farming to growers
  • Explain the terminology and acronyms used in Precision Farming
  • Explore the constituent parts of Precision Farming
  • Explain the economic and environmental drivers and benefi ts of Precision Farming
This training book was developed by Ian Beecher-Jones, BeecherJones Ltd and Andrew Cragg, Farmer, Kent with support from Gary Collins, Potato Council and Rosie Atwood, Horticultural Development Company.
Hard copies are free to AHDB Horticulture levy payers and dependent on your Associate package may be free or charged at a reduced rate. If you require a hard copy of this publication then please contact LPC.CRM@ahdb.org.uk