Protected Edibles Review 2013


Protected Edibles Review 2013

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Welcome to the second issue of Protected Edibles Review, a guide to the latest results from protected edibles work currently being funded on your behalf by HDC. We have also included reports on results from a number of cross-sector projects and work in other HDC sectors that we think you will find useful. Since the last Review was published, we have been working hard to tackle the key issues faced every day on nurseries. Each year, the HDC Protected Edibles Panel reviews the major problems challenging the industry, revises its research strategy accordingly and invites scientists to develop research projects to address these issues. You can influence this strategy by talking to me, other panel members or HDC’s Protected Edibles staff. Our contact details can be found below and we are always
looking for new ideas from growers. The current strategy is on the protected edibles pages of the HDC website.

Hard copies are free to AHDB Horticulture levy payers and dependent on your Associate package may be free or charged at a reduced rate. If you require a hard copy of this publication then please contact LPC.CRM@ahdb.org.uk