Sweetcorn Crop Walkers' Guide


Sweetcorn Crop Walkers' Guide

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Every year a significant proportion of the UK sweetcorn crop would be lost to pests and diseases if growers did not monitor their crops and employ effective protection strategies.


This Crop Walkers’ Guide aims to assist growers, agronomists and their staff in the vital task of monitoring crops.


It is designed for use in the field, to help with the accurate identification of pests, their predators, diseases, nutritional deficiencies and physiological disorders within a crop. Images of key stages of each subject along with typical symptoms have been included, together with bullet point comments to help identification.


It is impossible to show every symptom of every pest or disease, therefore, growers are advised to familiarise themselves with the range of symptoms that can be expressed and be aware of new problems as they occur.


This guide does not attempt to offer advice on available control measures as both chemical active ingredients and their approvals frequently change. However, having identified a particular pest or disease in their crop, growers can refer to other AHDB Horticulture publications that contain information on control measures.