Vining Pea Growers Guide – 2017


Vining Pea Growers Guide – 2017

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AHDB Horticulture is the primary funder of the PGRO Variety evaluation trials (FV 340b) and the PGRO Vining Peas Growers Guide. The Guide contains descriptive variety lists, agronomy notes and growing information for vining peas.
A major UK vegetable crop, vining peas are grown for processing, for the fresh market, freezing and canning. The vining pea crop occupies 29-36,000 ha per annum, with a value of £50M.
The Legume Panel, led by PGRO and AHDB Horticulture, has identified varietal selection as a key element of crop production for ensuring a programmed harvest period and for maintaining quality produce. As such, the industry requires an accurate guide to the performance of varieties in areas typical of pea production
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