Reporting on projects


Projects funded by AHDB Horticulture will require submission of regular reports to monitor the progress of projects and to provide the final results. The reporting schedule and deadlines will be contained within the Research Funding Agreement or Contract issued at the start of the project and must be followed unless agreement in writing has been provided otherwise.



Research reports (including those for studentship projects) should be produced using the standard AHDB Horticulture report template which is available at the bottom of this page. Exceptions to the use of the standard template include:

  • Variety trial projects
  • Fellowship projects
  • and some LINK/Collaborative projects.

Templates for reporting on these project types are also available below. If unsure which format to use, researchers should refer to the Guidelines, or alternatively contact the relevant member of Staff for advice.


Submission process

Prior to submission to us, reports should have been sent as a draft to any industry representative (as defined in the contract) for their comments and feedback. Researchers should allow up to 4 weeks for comments to be returned, and therefore be mindful of this to ensure there is still time to submit the report according to the contracted deadline.

ALL reports must then be submitted in their final form to us at Hort.Funding@ahdb.org.uk in time for the contracted deadline. Reports not received at this address and/or sent elsewhere will not be considered formally submitted and may affect records of delivery against contracted deadlines. 


Delays and extensions

If a project encounters any delay which may affect the ability to submit a report to Hort.Funding@ahdb.org.uk as per the contracted deadline, researchers must contact the assigned Research Manager at the earliest opportunity. We will then consider eligibility for a formal extension. If an extension is granted, researchers will receive explicit acceptance of the delay along with a revised date for submission.



Note: You must have received and incorporated any comments from your Industry Representative(s) prior to submission to us.




Please ensure you receive your receipt for all reports. If you have not received your formal receipt, please try to submit your report again, or contact us if you are having difficulties.

If your file is too large to be sent through an email as usual, please also contact us to make alternative arrangements.


Download Forms and Templates

Guidelines Guidance for applicants requesting funding, including instructions for report completion.
STANDARD RESEARCH REPORT TEMPLATE Report template to be used for both annual and final reports for all projects (including studentships) whether commissioned via the panel or tendering. The only exceptions are for reporting on Variety trials or Fellowship projects (templates as below). 
Variety trial research report template Report template to be used for both annual and final reports for projects undertaking variety trials.
Fellowship report template Report template to be used to detail the progress of Fellowship projects.


If you have difficulty downloading any of the documents above, or have a query, please feel free to contact us