Robert Saunders Biography

Robert Saunders Biography

Rob is currently employed as an agronomist at H L Hutchinsons providing crop protection consultancy and best practice advice to fruit growers.  Rob has specialised in fruit agronomy for over 20 years; previous agronomy roles include GlaxoSmithKline (primarily looking after Blackcurrants for Ribena), and as a fruit agronomist for Willmot Pertwee.


Rob trained in agriculture at Seale-Hayne and started his working life helping to manage a fruit and hop farm.  More recently Rob has been involved in Hort LINK projects, crop research and plant breeding consortia, and currently manages an Innovate UK research project seeking to develop methods to improve the release from dormancy of perennial crops suffering from inadequate winter chilling.


Robs other interests include low carbon buildings (he has an MSc in Architecture, Energy and the Environment) and is particularly interested in the challenge of finding ways to improve the efficiency of resource utilisation – producing more while using less. 


In 2016 he received the Fruit Culture Award for Communication and Technology Transfer from the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers.