SCEPTRE: Sustainable Crop & Environment Protection – Targeted Research for Edibles

SCEPTRE: Sustainable Crop & Environment Protection – Targeted Research for Edibles

Devised by the Horticultural Development Company (HDC) in consultation with growers and researchers, the SCEPTRE project (Sustainable Crop & Environment Protection – Targeted Research for Edibles) aims to address key gaps in crop production, especially those arising from loss of current pesticides due to changing EU legislation. SCEPTRE will deliver applied research to help secure label and off-label approvals for new and safer pesticides and biopesticides, and develop sustainable IPM programmes for use on edible crops.


Three cross-sector teams of crop protection specialists will focus on the pest, disease and weed problems having the greatest financial impact on the profitability of crop production and where the likelihood of achieving a crop protection solution is good. The work programme will be flexible, adjusting as necessary to take account of significant new pest problems or pesticide gaps as they arise.


The first two years of the SCEPTRE project have identified many novel products with good potential for UK growers. In year 3 some of these products will be investigated in more detail and as part of specific programmes. Some year 3 trials are also looking at the IPM compatibility of these novel products.


For a full list of 2013 SCEPTRE trials go to the SCEPTRE website.


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SCEPTRE was co-funded by Defra through the HortLINK scheme and is widely supported by industry.