SCEPTREplus Crop Protection Companies

SCEPTREplus Crop Protection Companies

SCEPTREplus has a high level of interest and support from manufacturers and suppliers, with over 23 companies providing materials, products, in-kind support and also a number providing financial support too.


We welcome new inclusions from manufacturers throughout the programme.  These can be products under development or those that are already registered but may have benefit in horticulture. 



By funding research into the use of new actives in horticultural crops and the associated residue data packages to obtain EAMUs, determining best practise use for new actives and exploring the use of existing products on different crop/pest combinations or a new application method will help to fill many of the existing gaps in control.


Due to commercial sensitivities, products supplied by manufacturers may be coded for confidentiality. We will ensure all information shared with growers from the research relating to coded products is given context, so that the performance of the individual products is easy to follow through the trials. 


If you are interested in putting forward products for selection in trials of SCEPTREplus, please contact Joe Martin, AHDB Crop Protection Senior Scientist. joe.martin@ahdb.org.uk


Our thanks go to the following manufactures for financial and in-kind contributions to the SCEPTREplus programme: